Packaging machines.

Vacuum sealers

SaveVac 33-43-53 vacuum sealing machines

Mobile vacuum sealers suitable even for industrial applications.

The cover can be either aluminium or stainless steel.

The vacuum sealing process can be either manual or automatic (in case of some models). The model Cyclon is available in 300-400-500 and 800mm width, the Turbo model is only 300mm wide and the Vortex type is only available in 400mm width.

All models comply with the CE requirements. They can primarily be used in food industry, but there is a much broader range of application.

Other vacuum sealing machines

We recommend the use of our vacuum sealers for special packaging purposes. They can be used for packaging perishable products, fresh meat or for storing bulk products in a space saving way.

Our machines are available in different designs. There are domestic design machines optimal for home use or small-scale use. Their advantage is the small footprint, low consumption. For more demanding tasks, we recommend the use of our pressure chamber machines. These machines are able to create huge vacuum thanks to the integrated special vacuum pump. When the machine achieves the required vacuum, it automatically closes the bags.

The sealing time can be preset, depending on the film type used. In the bigger machines two or more products can be placed next to to each other. Smaller machines are produced in tabletop design while the biggest ones are placed on wheel-stand.