Packaging materials.

Shrink films

PO – poliolefin

The film producer’s scope of supply covers all the shrink wrap needs, so you can easily select what you need for your product or wrapping task.
PE-based shrink-wrap, attractive, large tension strength, good selaing safety, easy selaing and largely contractile. Environmentally friendly, not harmful for health wrap that contracts at low temperature (approx. 110-130°C).

New: preperforated types where there is no need for manual perforation.
Flat or center-folded design.
Width: 200—650 mm

Thickness: 13, 15, 19, 25 μm

OPTI 400 és OPTI 320 poliolefin (PO) zsugorfóliák

Opti400 and Opti320 shrink films are recommended for collective packaging, 200- 600 mm width and 13-15-19mm thickness.

Besides their excellent optical features and low thickness Opti 400 and Opti 320 films provide ruling tear resistance and excellent value for money.

Opti 400 films can be used in almost all of the existing machines! We specially recommend it for wrapping magazines, decorations in horizontal automatic wrapping machines, even in the fastest, 180 packages/min types.

PVC – poli(vinil-klorid)

Among shrink-wraps this wrap is the easiest to manipulate with. Excellent optical features although lower sealing stability and mechanical strength than that of shrink wraps.
Width: 150—600 mm

Thickness: 15, 18, 25, 30 μm

PE – polietilén

One of the most widely used packaging material. Depending on its composition and production process, there are various options available for the different packaging challenges according to the e.g. optical features, mechanical resistance.

Made-up products: bags, sacks, covers, pallet-tops etc. The PE shrink wrap is the result of an extra step entered into the production process (orientation). According to the direction of the contraction, the wraps can be monoaxial or biaxial. Depending to its composition it can be manipulated at 150-180 °C.

Main made-up product: shrink.cap Design: flat, center-folded, tube

Available sizes: Width: 200—2200 mm
Thickness: 20—60 μm