Packaging machines.

Stapling machines

Stapler is a mechanical device that can staple or staple sheets of paper or other materials of similar magnitude using staple clips. The most recognizable version of the office stapler, its more powerful relatives, is the stapler designed for industrial use that can be used to fasten multi-layered paper.

Case sealer stapling machines (hand operated or pneumatic)

Our machines can close the boxes with staples, fast and secure closure.

With the mechanic tool the closing function can be made by very light force on the top of the box, with the pneumatic tool there is no force on the top.


For 3 ply boxes staple sizes: 32/15 or 18 (width / length)
for 5 ply boxes staple sizes: 32/22 (width / length)

Standard stapling machines

You can find the excellent TacWise products in our scope of supply. You can get further details from our colleagues.

The machines can be operated by using normal staples.

Our product range covers both the hobby and the industrial use.Thread inserting pistol for PP threads, for fixing product labels

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