Packaging machines.

Used packaging machines

Buy used packing machines

We buy your used packing machine after a preliminary health check. If you are a seller of a packing machine, please email us with a few photos to us and we will contact you for a personal health check.

Sale of used packaging machines

We buy used packaging machines following preliminary inspection, then, after total reinstatement we sell it with 3-6 month of guarantee.

After reinstatement, machines are sold in a perfect technical status, so you can be sure that the used machine you buy from us will be a reliable part of your production.

Why buy a used packaging machine?
  • significantly cheaper than the new one
  • you can choose a machine you might need: you might not be able to take advantage of a model with advanced technology with lots of control programs
  • in many cases the latest technology gets much cheaper
  • there is no technical risk: we guarantee the excellent technical condition of used packaging machines, we guarantee it
  • it is ideal if you want to increase production without investing more

Because of the strong demand, the supply permanently changes, so please contact our colleague about the available machines. Should you have a machine to be sold, please inform us about it via e-mail. Attach a few photos and make an arrangement regarded the personal inspection.