Packaging machines

Case sealers

At applications where the precise and fast closing is a requirement, the use of box-closing machines is recommended. Contrary to manual closing, closing machines apply the tape always in the middle, at the required length. The taping head cuts the tape to the required size and rolls it onto the box.

Case sealer machines are available in different designs. There are manual feed and automatic feed types that can be integrated in line. Both of them can be ordered fitting to standard box sizes or in automatically adjusting design. Cover folding is an option at some models.

The machines are available with side or top/bottom belt drive. Boxes are closed at the same time on the top and on the bottom. Automatically adjusting box size types need compressed air for the operation. Some models having cover folding and centralizer units also need compressed air for the operation.

The machines work with tapes of 50mm (optionally 75 mm) width and 990mm length

  • Box delivery speed: 20m/min
  • Propulsion: with side straps+ top straps
  • Box size setting: with hands
  • Power supply: 230 V, 1 phase
  • Electricity consumption: 270 W
  • General tape size: 50 mm
  • Box closure: lower and upper bonding, self-adhesive tape
Box sizes:
  • length:from 130 mm
  • width:from 120 till 500 mm
  • height:from 120 till 500 mm
  • Export box: bottom pleated
  • working height: 580-780 mm
  • Quantity: 120 kg
  • Inclusive size: 1730 x 950 x (960-1550)mm