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Adhesive tape applier, bag sealer machines


Ideal choice for fiber reinforced and normal adhesive tapes of up to 40-80 mm width and 200 m length.
The required tape length can be adjusted on a clearly legible length selection cm-scale.
The machine forwards, damps and cuts the adhesive tape with a maximum length of 75 mm at each pull of the handle.  Bigger length can only be achieved by pulling the handle more times.
High quality dampening brushes and an adjustable water feeder support optimal tape dampening.
Size: 500x260x350 mm (length x width x height) Weight: 12 kgs


The machine is able to dampen and cut two different preadjusted length of adhesive tape. Cuts a maximum of 900 mm tape length per handle pull.
Suitable for fiber reinforced and normal adhesive tapes of up to 40-100 mm width and 200 m length.
User friendly, silent  machine with easy handling. Easier service due to its simple design.

Size: 550x300x300 mm (length x width x height) Weight: 15 kgs

Méret: 550x300x300 mm (hossz x szélesség x magasság) Tömeg: 15 kg

Vario 555 eMA

You can select and preset 14 different tape-lengths.

Thanks to the continuous operation button optional tape-length can be cut.
In automatic mode: programmable 3 tape length that are feeded in automatically one after another.

Tape width: 40—80 mm
Tape length: 200 m
Max. coil diameter: 250 mm

A 900 univerzális adagoló

Technical data: Adhesive tape length: 5—999 mm Tape width: 6—60 mm Coil outer diameter: 300 mm Voltage supply/energy consumption: 230 V, 41W
Size: 116x140x213 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg

Other features:
feeding speed: 200 mm/s
easy tape exchange
6 storage spaces for length adjustment options
reliable tape forwarding even in case of weak adhesive tapes
finger protection

Adhesive tape applier for manual selaing of boxes

50mm or 75mm width

Bag sealer machine

Bag closing machine for 9mm strip, for automatic sealing of bags