Packaging machines.

Palletizer machines

PalManager pallet stacker-destacker machine

PalManager pallet stacker-destacker helps our employees to pick up the pallets.

The pallet column (max. 25 pcs.) can be fed into the machine by a barrow, then the bottom pallet can be picked up by a hand pallet truck.

The machine can be operated manually or automatically as well. At installation the pallet size can be selected: 800-1000-1200mm width and 1200mm length.

Palletizer machines

Our palletizers are made by the latest technology complying with specific needs.

Production is always executed considering the filled-in downloadable datasheet and the design fits to the specific needs. Machine can consist of one single or multiple brackets. Feeding in happens from a live or gravity track. Pallet stacking can be made onto an integrated live track or onto a pallet placed on the ground.

As an extra requirement, there exists a low headway design as well.