Packaging machines.

Cutting-packaging tables

Among our products you can find simple coil holders as well as complete packaging workstations, all that you need to facilitate manual packaging projects.

Paper, PE-foam and PE air cushion coils can be easily tailored to your needs thanks to our coil holder and cutting stands. Due to the robust design with small space need, the stands can be adjusted at the site of the working process with either vertical or horizontal coil placement. Some types can even be waal-mounted.

The largest coil sizes are: width 2000 mm, coil diameter 1000 mm and weight 200 kgs.

Packaging workstations to facilitate manual packaging tasks. Expand your table with practical accessories to be able to reach anything you need for the packaging at your fingertips.

Among our products you can find adjustable height tables, shelves, accessory-holder drawers, computer stations and roller conveyors. All these in an ergonomic way, for the sake of healthier working circumsrtances.

Among the selectable options you can find a solution to any tasks and arrangements