Packaging materials.

Packaging boxes

Standard size, uniform folding boxes made of corrugated cardboard.

Ideal choice for parcel delivery companies, webshops, courier services, companies dealing with removal, or for other companies that need to place their products into boxes or on pallets in an aesthetic and safe way.

U0200 mm150 mm130 mm
U1240 mm160 mm130 mm
U2300 mm200 mm160 mm
U3360 mm260 mm110 mm
U4300 mm260 mm210 mm
U5400 mm250 mm210 mm
 U6340 mm225mm320 mm
 U7400 mm300 mm260 mm
U8400 mm300 mm360 mm
U9400 mm400 mm260 mm
U10480 mm360 mm320 mm
U10/5500 mm400 mm360 mm
U11600 mm400mm400 mm
U11/5700 mm500 mm500 mm
U12/5800 mm600 mm600 mm