Packaging technology As a result of conscious development during the past few years, our company
gained a decisive role in the field of packaging technology.
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Packing machine hire? Practical, economical, easy! We can help you with an instant and economical solution!

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Provide high quality products at competitive prices.


We are able to provide you with on-site and telephone packaging technical consultancy.

Service of packing machines

For the machines we sell 1, We provide 2 years warranty and service beyond the warranty period.

Machine rental

Browse, browse our pages, as all the machines we sell can not only be purchased, but you can rent them from us.

Foil calculator

See our foil calculator.


About Us
UNIOTECH Ltd. has been established by packaging solutions professionals in 2006.
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Special products

Some products in our webshop are not for sale, for technical reasonsdirectly. In such cases, please use the Request button for a specific product.