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Bubble envelope

The bubble envelope is a packaging solution that already contains the void-fill material. This offers extra protection for your delivery and ensures that it will arrive in perfect condition to your recipient. Come rain or shine, the bubble envelope will help you to overcome the most common difficulties of transportation.

The ideal solution for:
  • business correspondence, if the integrity of the documents is important
  • sending product samples
  • web shops selling smaller and fragile items (e.g. artisanal products, electronic devices)
  • the shipping of books, magazines, and other print material
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AirPro bubble envelope

The AirPro bubble envelope is available in different sizes, sold in boxes containing 100 units. Standard sizes are distributed immediately from our stock:

Bubble envelope

brown (100 units/box)26 HUF + product fee + VAT/unit
180x265mmbarna (100db/doboz) 14/D34 FT + TD +Áfa/db
220x265mmbarna (100db/doboz) 15/E40 Ft + TD + Áfa/db
270x360mmbarna (100db/doboz) 18/H60 Ft + TD + Áfa/db

If you wish to order custom size bubble envelope, please contact our colleagues on the phone number: +3627504770 or ask for price.